Quiet environment

Royal birds – white-tailed eagles nesting in our area and each day flying over our heads have become for our valley a symbol of peace and wildlife.

We invite you to the Eagle Valley, a charming corner that stretches for 4 kilometers in the natural valley of the sources of the Santoczna River.

Here you can rest in comfortable conditions, catch and cook many species of fish, sit by the fire or have a grill. You may watch wildlife in its natural environment. The valley is isolated from civilization and certainly did not hear its burdensome sounds but only the whisper of the forest.

The Eagle Valley spreads from the north from Lake Okunino, right next to the ‘Okno’ Forester’s lodge and continues southwards, between the green walls of mixed forests creating a wild wet meadow that turns gently to the west.

Cranes, wild ducks, white-tailed eagles and many other species of birds live here. After three kilometers of this journey, the valley changes into a huge wild pond with protected yellow water lilies and white waterlilies.

Welcome to Eagle Valley!