Eagle Valley

The biggest attraction is definitely the place to which we invite you and its surroundings. It’s the green of the forest surrounding the ponds, the blue of the sky and silence that we offer to all guests as standard. It is possible to rest by the water, walk in the woods, bike trips and enjoy the silence … We regularly see crows, cranes, deers, sometimes wild boars, hares and foxes, wild swans and ducks nest with us. Almost every day majestic white-tailed eagles appear above the valley, which has become the symbol of the Valley.

Nordic Walking, biking and …

There are several marked NW trails in the area that lead to Barlinek, the European Capital of Nordic Walking, through beautiful forest places. Walking and biking trails allow you to actively explore the surrounding area and keep fit. Within 10 km there are several charming villages (Okunie, Lipy, Danków, Krzynka), several picturesque lakes and just like crystal clear Okunino (with our secret wild beach) and equally clean and beautifully located Lake Lipy. It’s worth to see nature reserves in the forest or just laze around in a hammock by the pond …

Guest House ‘on the water’

Rest in a unique Guest House located partly “on the water”. Directly above the water surface, there are 2 apartments with large terraces and a great view. You can also nice and actively spend time “indoors” during games and activities (ping-pong, table football, darts, and others) in the recreation room, which is also intended for conducting courses, and presentations.

Holiday cottages

Two detached cottages located just above the fishing pond, each with a kitchen, bathroom and 6 sleeping places, as well as a terrace. For guests, barbecue, designated bonfire, green area, and parking is provided.

Recreational fishing ponds

Of the more than 10 ponds in our valley, 4 are intended for recreational fishing.

‘The Pike pond ‘ with predators over 80 cm length and weight over 5-6 kg for experienced spinning anglers, although beginners can also try their hand.
‘The Carp pond ‘ with 10 and even 15 kilograms of specimens, the catching of which gives great pleasure. In this pond, you can also catch tenches and crucians, and with a little luck also grass carp and a silver carp.
Two other ponds offer smaller carps and plenty of crucians in various sizes as well as pike.